The Star System

Relax & Unwind At Tenerife's Ziggy's Mountain Retreat

This years students can enjoy special Retreat weekends at the beautiful Ziggys Mountain Retreat in the spectacular surrounding forests of Villaflor. The energy in Villaflor is perfect for all things yoga, meditation, forest walks,  healing, massage, and energywork.

The weekend Retreats are for students who wish to learn and also receive, The Star System Technique. It's also for students who wish to come and meet the other students from different countries and different modalities giving them the opportunity to do exchanges. Or if  you have fallen behind on your Case Study practice this is a wonderful time to receive extra support and tuition from Elaine over the weekend.  


What Is The Star System?

The Star System & MCE Reunion - €190 per day

The Star System technique, allows the interconnectivity of the Myofascial Meridians to be released within the physical state and enables the bodys energetic Meridians simultaneously to unlock along their pathways. We incorporate yoga breathwork from the client during the session to help to connect the soulular and physical state.  
The practitioner will use a pendulum to trace where the blockages are being held within the chakras and will then hold their hands above which chakra is blocked with a series of movement techniques in order to remove any stagnation. We can also incorporate energetic techniques by usage of, the power of intention, colours, visualisation,  sound therapy and mantras,  during the movement techniques.  
As the energy begins to unlock within the body,  the client will feel the energy physically moving  from the blocked area. They may feel a tingling sensation or heat, over specific areas of their body and the energy will always try to leave via the head hands and feet. As the client experiences the release it is common for the joints in the hands and the feet to crack open at the end of the session , bringing magnificent relief for the client 
The client will feel lighter after their session and if they have been carrying alot of negative, dark  energy in their chakras or auric energy field this can bring an instant significant profound change for them.  
As the unwanted energy or emotions  leave, the client may cry, or feel overwhelmed with feelings of huge relief and that they themselves have experienced " a reset" as the soulular state connects further with the physical self. Physical deep rooted tension may also leave the body, leaving the client feeling lighter and painfree .

This Technique is extremely effective in treating: 

Mental health problems 
Emotional Issues 
Eating disorders 
Sleep disorders 
Physical pain 
Neck pain 
Hip mobility 

The Star System Accommodation At Ziggy's Retreat

Accommodation at Ziggy's Mountain Retreat includes a continental breakfast and is an additional cost of :  
Family rooms 90€  
Double rooms 85€,  
Twin rooms with en-suite 85€ 
Twin room with separate private bathroom 75€ 
Single room en-suite 65€ 
Please contact the owner Karen Haberfield on WhatsApp to book your accommodation +0034 642 49 43 04