The Star System

Relax & Unwind At Tenerife's BJJ & Yoga Camp

Treat yourself to a Jiu-Jitsu and yoga wellness retreat ​with some of the world's top sporting professionals at Tenerife's BJJ Yoga Camp.  With daily rolls, yoga, meditation and massages, you will be able to enjoy a total mind and body reset.

This 5 Star Jiu Jitsu holiday has everything you need to completely unwind.  The camp takes place over 5 days with a mix of morning and evening Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and yoga classes.

In the afternoons, leading massage therapist and trainer Elaine Whillock will demonstrate her unique Star System massage and energy work techniques to her massage students and BJJ and Yoga guests. Massage students will then have the opportunity to work on the yogis and BJJ guests - a great way to learn effective energy work with massage.  Students can also, if they wish, join in the  yoga and BJJ classes!

Elaine will also be running an open-air mat-space on the beach, where students can experience BJJ and yoga with spectacular views over to La Gomera in Tenerife.

Your 5 day break will also include a cacao ceremony on the beach and a farewell beach party with salsa dancing from Fernando.

What Is The Star System?

Energy Work Training & Paid Case Study Practice:  €360

The Star System is a combination of Oriental Deep Tissue with Myofascial Meridians, Accupressure, Sports Massage and Energy Work.

Energy work during massage allows you to read energy flow and release these throughout the client's body.  You will learn how to open your pineal gland and crown chakra to read information on your client using clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. 

Energy work during massage also involves understanding the 7 chakras - where they are, their roles, how to feel blocked energy and how this impacts on the physical state of the client.

Course Content: 

  • 2 days' energy work training and 2 days' paid case study practice on guests at BJJ Yoga Camp Tenerife
  • Optional morning and evening BJJ and yoga classes in the outside dojo training area
  • The 7 energy centres of the body and how to unblock them 
  • Moving energy in the physical body 
  • Working with clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance 
  • The 5 Spirit Guides of The Star System 
  • How to send distance healing 
  • Breathwork with frequency

Meet The Team


Joanna Ziobronowicz

Joanna Ziobronowicz is a 1st degree Black Belt who trained under Roger Gracie at RGA HQ from 2006, establishing her full time coaching career in 2018. Joanna is a 2017 Brown Belt Masters World Championk, a 2018 European Champion and a 2018 Black Belt Grand Slam Masters Champion. She was promoted to Black Belt in 2018 by Roger Gracie and Mauricio Motta Gomes.


Ben Poppleton

Ben is a 4th degree BJJ Black Belt under Carlos Gracie Jr and was the Brit to be promoted to black belt by a Gracie. Ben has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past 3 decades. He spent 5 years studying at Gracie Barra headquarters, Rio de Janeiro (2001-2005) and is the Head of Gordo Jiujitsu Europe and the North of England representative for Mauricio Gomes Legacy Team.


Mili Gentile

Mili is a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher who is passionate about Eastern philosophy and science, with studies conducted in Argentina, India, Sri Lanka and Spain. She is also a Facilitator of Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises, an innovative therapy that helps liberate the body and nervous system from old patterns of stress, improving vitality, mobility and relaxation.


Fernando Ortega Luis

Fernando Ortega was born in Colombia and trained in dance and the culture of Colombian folklore at the Instituto Popular de Cultura.  Fernando is a renowned Latin dancer and founded the dance school and company Bailes Afro Latinos in Brussels. He is trained in classical dance and has choreographed neo-classical, contemporary and latin-jazz with the aim of cultural mixing.

elaine whillock top massage trainer in Europe

Elaine Whillock

Elaine is a leading massage trainer at Massage Courses Europe based at Tenerife Top Training.  Elaine has 24 years' massage experience and started teaching several years ago.  Elaine's Star System technique is much sought after amongst Olympic & International teams who visit for high performance training.  She is trained in Western and Eastern Modalities of Massage and Psychic Development.

Massage Training in Tenerife at Star System Camp Massage Courses Europe


"I absolutely adored this bootcamp. Spending 5 days immersed in jiu-jitsu helped me find again my mojo. And also learned so many new skills: no gi, MMA, yoga. The classes were all fabulous, the instructors were so dedicated and helpful and my classmates were the best. In addition to the training we had so much fun going to the beach, a boat trip and fire ceremony in a full moon. Loved meeting all these driven, kind and friendly ladies. It was incredibly inspiring and I'll be there for the next one." 

Ana, BJJ Blue Belt

"I can't recommend this camp enough. I arrived not being sure what to expect and ended up loving every moment. The instructors were amazing, with really detailed tuition and everyone got a lot of individual support. I really improved my jujitsu. I loved trying MMA and the other classes.The setting was absolutely stunning and I met some incredible people. I'd definitely go again!"

Vicky, BJJ White Belt

"This is my first jiu jitsu and yoga camp and it was AMAZING! The level of organization, experienced and involved teachers, the venue, hotel, other activities such as boat trip, full moon fire ceremony, just made this whole experience unforgettable and truly inspiring. The people I’ve met were all helpful, kind and interesting. The only minus of the camp is that it finished too fast." 

Aika, BJJ Purple Belt

"Thank you for a wonderful day at your BJJ camp, both myself & my son Sam thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the session. Professor Fran was extremely knowledgeable & taught the class in a clear, positive & insightful way.  Our only regret was we couldn’t stay longer! Many thanks." 

Andy, BJJ Black Belt

Energy Healing Evening In Tenerife