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Professional Massage Courses With Elaine Whillock At Tenerife Top Training

Elaine Whillock at Massage Courses Europe in Tenerife 1Come and gain hands-on training and internationally recognised massage qualifications at Massage Courses Europe with our highly skilled bodywork specialist Elaine Whillock.

Based at the prestigious high-performance sports centre, Tenerife Top Training (T3), Elaine offers face-to-face group training, online courses, and private tuition for individuals or groups.

Whether you're a beginner looking for first-rate training and professional qualifications or a qualified therapist wishing to further your knowledge and skills, Massage Courses Europe has a variety of Diploma and CPD massage courses to suit all levels.

Elaine has a passion for her profession and has developed her own technique called ‘The Star System’, which is an Eastern Modality of Sports Massage. This includes techniques from Deep Tissue Massage with Myofascial Meridians, Sports Massage, Acupressure, and Energy Work.

Find out more about The Star System which is available at Tenerife's BJJ & Yoga Camp.

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Training In Tenerife At Massage Courses Europe

Elaine originates from a long line of Irish healers and has inherited her gift of energy healing from her ancestral family. Elaine has 24 years of hands-on practical massage experience to share with her students, and started teaching several years ago as the young therapists on the island approached her for guidance and tuition in furthering their knowledge and understanding in massage.

This further developed during her time providing massage services to the martial arts instructors and their students from all over Europe, who were attending Jiu-Jitsu and MMA training camps in Tenerife. They were so impressed with her technique and, having never experienced anything like it before, the instructors began to send their personal therapists to train with Elaine.

Massage Services & Training Courses With Elaine Whillock